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“Sol To Soul” – Artistic Impressions from Venezuela

Art Exhibit at SAFECO shows the work of three contemporary Venezuelan artists


Fountain Valley, CA, July 11,2002 – Three contemporary artists from Venezuela will show their compelling artwork at the corporate offices of SAFECO Insurance Company in Fountain Valley from July to September 24th, 2002. The art show “Sol to Soul” introduces Venezuela’s charms, mystic spells and beauty seen through the eyes of the artists: Eduardo Azuaje, Juan Urbina and Freddy Villarroel.


Eduardo Azuaje’s atmospheric images are influenced by his country’s indigenous culture and evoke a sense of mysticism. Born in Eastern Venezuela, close to the flatlands and the jungle where the Kariña Indians live, his paintings refer back to the roots of his country’s indigenous belief system, to the times when the jungle was still sacred and Western civilization hadn’t taken over yet to impose its values on the Indian culture. A unique collage technique accentuates the depth of Azuaje’s spiritual compositions.


Juan Urbina’s surreal work is inspired by his childhood memories of circuses coming to town and ‘bringing the world’ to the small neighborhoods of Caracas. Juan Urbina relives these memories in his brilliantly colorful paintings, where harlequins, jugglers, elephants and clowns come to play and perform in front of the viewer’s eye.  Reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ literary magical realism, Urbina’s circus scenes could be part of Mancondo, the small town described in Garcia Marquez’ novel ”One Hundred Years of Solitude”.


Freddy Villarroel’s work reflects the atmosphere surrounding Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. The island is known for its unique light qualities. Freddy Villarroel masterly captures the warmth of this light with his dramatic and predominant yellow palette. The presence of fruits and flowers in his abstract compositions are his expression for the land’s fertility, and the generosity and exuberance of its people. As he states in his own words: “I try to communicate the feeling of a landscape rather than the landscape itself.”


Accompanying the paintings are wall texts, which provide additional information on each artist, as well as a comprehensive notebook that gives the visitor a short overview on Venezuela’s art history. “Sol to Soul” – Artistic Impressions from Venezuela was organized by Jeannie Denholm, Art Matters of Newport Beach and Cornelia Betschart de Fuertes, ArtVivendi of Costa Mesa.


SAFECO Insurance Company features quarterly rotating art exhibits focusing on various topics for their employees and building visitors. The rotating exhibition program emphasizes emerging local, national and international artists, allowing employees and visitors to their building to learn more about diverse art styles and other cultures.


SAFECO Insurance Company is located at 17570 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 right off the 405 FWY. The art exhibit is installed in the Corporate Lobby Gallery behind the security reception area. Building hours are: Mon – Fri, from 9am-4pm.


ArtVivendi is representing the above-mentioned artists. Please find more information on the web at For further information please contact Cornelia Betschart de Fuertes at ArtVivendi, ph (949) 631 6053.




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