FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        August 15,2001


Two Artists from Venezuela show in Laguna Beach Gallery


Eduardo Azuaje and Freddy Villarroel from Venezuela are showing their paintings at Galerie 224 in Laguna Beach. Both renowned artists in their native Venezuela, have had successful shows in Europe and on the East Coast and will be showing their inspiring works for the first time on the West Coast from August 30th to October 2nd.


Eduardo Azuaje’s abstract and spiritual images tell legends of his cultural background and are filled with the mysticism of his country’s indigenous culture. Pre-Columbian elements are integrated in his minimalist arrangements and traditional elements of the jungle habitat predominate in his surreal compositions. Azuaje’s language is the media he uses. He creates rich atmospheres of lights and shadows by using elaborate techniques that include painting over sandblasted layers of images made with acrylic paint, sand and glue.

Freddy Villarroel paints the nature around him.  The way he feels it and perceives it. His abstract, yet figurative paintings are about emotions. These are evoked by landscapes, fruits, and birds, captured in geometrically demarcated composition. The images intertwine, but above all lay the warm light and gay atmosphere of La Asuncion, Villarroel’s birthplace, which is located north of Margarita Island. This atmosphere is reflected throughout Villarroel’s works in his predominant use of the color yellow.  Freddy Villarroel creates his aesthetic works by blending acrylics and enamels with oil paints.


The show runs from 30 August – 2 October, 2001; opening Thursday, September 6 from 6pm-9pm at Galerie 224 Contemporary Art located at 224 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, tel. 949-494 5757

For more information call ArtVivendi, LLC at 949-631 6053 or  Galerie 224 at 949-494-5757.