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Representation of Artists: ArtVivendi represents international & national contemporary artists.

ArtVivendi is specializing in the representation of national & international contemporary artists with a special interest on Latin America. Check out our Artist Link to see some of the fascinating artwork we have for you to fill your life with color, warmth and happiness with style.

Personal Consulting: ArtVivendi consults you on finding the right artwork for your personal and work environment.

Original artwork makes a big difference in one's quality of life. Original art radiates positive energy. Art in your work and personal environment creates a unique atmosphere. It gives your living space your special personal touch. ArtVivendi assists you in building your personal collection. We want you to look forward to enter your office and your home every day anew.

Public Relations Services: ArtVivendi creates press for artists and businesses in the arts.

ArtVivendi offers professional public relation services to businesses in the arts as well as to the fine art artist himself. The right position on the market is important as is having the press and potential clients know about you and your work. We think of artful ways to draw the media's attention on you, your work or your company.

Art Event Consulting:
ArtVivendi gives your company event an elegant and memorable touch.

We compliment your company event by giving it the elegant 'art gallery reception feeling' with original artwork being displayed in your offices. If you are planning a corporate or client event you might consider packaging it as an art reception. ArtVivendi will curate an art show for you that will support your company image and help creating positive PR for your business.

Art Show Organization:
ArtVivendi professionally curates art shows in the corporate setting.

Your business wants to distinguish itself from the competition or wants to do something for the corporate culture. Give your company the sophisticated touch of being a patron of the arts and have rotating art shows as part of your business culture. We plan and organize these art shows for you and have them professionally installed.


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