Freddy Villarroel’s work reflects the atmosphere surrounding La Asuncion, his city of birth north of Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. The island shares a rich history with other great artists who have been raised there and is known for its unique quality of light.


Freddy Villarroel captures the warmth of the island’s light with his dramatic and predominant yellow palette. He expresses the generosity and gaiety of this island’s people and the land’s fertility.  The presence of fruits and flowers in his compositions are his expressions of the land’s fertility, and the generosity and exuberance of its people. The birds and their flight represent the freedom of the creative spirit.


Villarroel’s paintings gracefully intertwine elements of abstract art with representation. He states in his own words: “I try to communicate the feeling of a landscape rather than the landscape itself.” A number, a word, a flower or a bird become the figurative elements in his paintings, floating within and throughout his abstract backgrounds.

The artist leaves nothing to chance in his painting process. His guides his work by his own defined aesthetic rules.



The Technique of Freddy Villarroel


The artist utilizes acrylics, enamels and oil paints in the creation of his works. The first images are born from acrylics and enamels. Then the artist blends in rational and emotional strokes to complete his oeuvre.